The ability to transform spoken words into writing


Subtitling – When it comes to subtitling, I offer verbal live subtitling of films and documentaries as well as written subtitling of short films (e.g. image films). For such subtitling, I use the software EZTitles. In addition, I also take on the translation of subtitles and film scripts, as well as the conversion of (translated) texts into subtitles.


I acquired theoretical knowledge of film and live subtitling while writing my master's thesis in cooperation with the live subtitling department at the German TV channel ZDF. Furthermore, I gained practical experience through my job in the live subtitling department at the German TV channel WDR, where I worked with the software FAB Subtitler and Dragon Naturally Speaking. From 2009 to 2013, I taught the workshop "live subtitling" at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and from 2012 to 2013 also a seminar on "film subtitling".


The prices for subtitling services vary according to the complexity of your project. If you send me the required details, I will be happy to submit you an individual offer.

 Katja Schulten

Konferenzdolmetscherin (M.A.),

Übersetzerin, Untertitlerin


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