Interpreting and technical equipment

The art of instantly capturing the sense


Interpreting – As a qualified conference interpreter with a master's degree, I can take on different assignments for you such as conferences, symposia, business negotiations, factory tours, readings and fairs. My interpreting languages are German, English, French and Easy German. I offer the most common modes of interpreting:


 Simultaneous interpreting

 Consecutive interpreting with notes, e.g. for speeches

 Remote interpreting for online meetings (on Zoom etc.)

 Chuchotage for no more than up to two persons

 Liaison interpreting e.g. in meetings or during factory tours


My main fields of expertise in interpreting are renewable energies, economics, marketing, engineering, international politics, education, employment, intercultural topics and the social sector. You will find a detailed list of the fields in which I have experience under references. I would also be happy to acquire a new special field for an interpreting assignment.


In order to ensure a professional interpretation, I prepare myself thoroughly for each assignment. This preparation includes obtaining a deep insight into my client's special field and acquiring the special vocabulary that is used.


Interpreters are often booked as a team. I therefore have a network of qualified colleagues with whom I often work – also at multilingual conferences.


In order to make an offer which caters to your individual requirements,

I need to know the date, the language, the estimated duration of the interpreting assignment as well as the approximate number of participants.


Technical equipment – When you organize a conference, you need to clarify a number of things in advance, e.g. which kind of technical equipment (like the booth for the interpreters) is to be installed. If you need help with the organization of this equipment, I will be glad to assist you. Thanks to previous assignments, I have contacts with reliable technology companies which I can recommend to you, if required.

 Katja Schulten

Konferenzdolmetscherin (M.A.),

Übersetzerin, Untertitlerin


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