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Excellent qualifications in German, English, French and Dutch


Are you looking for a simultaneous interpreter (often called simultaneous translator by clients) for an international conference or an interpreter for a confidential meeting? Do you need a translation of a specialized text, a brochure or your CV?


I would be happy to carry out these linguistic services for you. As a qualified conference interpreter and specialized translator, I guarantee a maximum standard of verbal and written communication with your international clients and business partners.


The name of my language service redekunst means "rhetoric art" in English. When working with languages, linguistic nuances matter. An art in itself  that is why I have chosen the name redekunst.



When it comes to interpreting, I offer the most common modes of interpreting (e.g. simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting). At your request, I can also set up teams of qualified colleagues and support you in organizing the technical equipment for your conference. 



As a translator, my main fields of expertise are environmental issues, marketing and engineering. Besides translating, I offer the transcription of texts as an additional service. 




My third main professional activity is film subtitling. This comprises written subtitling of films as well as verbal live subtitling. 

 Katja Schulten

Konferenzdolmetscherin (M.A.)



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