Translating and transcription

The skill of getting straight to the point


Translating – As far as translating is concerned, my working languages are German, English, French and Dutch. My main special fields as a translator are marketing, engineering, environmental issues, economics and commerce. You will find a detailed list of the areas in which I have experience in my references.


As a translator, I offer you among other things the following types of text:


 press releases and newsletters

 film scripts and subtitles

 company presentations

 business correspondence

 brochures and product descriptions


In translating, quality is the key. For this reason, I work according to the four-eyes principle upon request, i.e. the translation is counterchecked by a qualified colleague.


The price for a translation differs according to the complexity and the length of your text. I would be pleased to submit an individual offer if you send me your text – if possible as a Word file – and let me know for what purpose and by when the translation is required.


Transcription – If you do not have a written version of your text, but only an audio file, I can gladly transcribe it, i.e. write it down for you. The price depends on the quality and the length of the audio file and is calculated by the minute.

 Katja Schulten

Konferenzdolmetscherin (M.A.)



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